November 5th: Operation Inasmuch

Being part of the community is one of our core values.  Two organizations we support in our community, Community Housing Solutions and Housing Consultants Group, partner with the City of High Point to do “repair blitzes” on homes in areas in need of financial support.  Home ownership comes with expenses, and in low income communities, these expenses can start a downward spiral into a home’s disrepair. We can all relate with unexpected repair bills dramatically impacting our month financially.  In the homes we are supporting, we encounter home owners who have become desperate because when you can’t afford one repair, it leads to more damage, and everything begins to snowball.  These homeowners are proud of their homes and their community.  These nonprofit organizations support home ownership in low income communities because home ownership promotes pride in an area.   In addition to helping with these repair blitzes, these organizations support the community with educational support.  

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen several posts highlighting some of our work with them earlier this year.  Our next event with them is coming up on November 5th. We have created another team full of dedicated volunteers to sponsor a house and tackle repairs.  I would like to share with you a video from the spring event and a few photos that highlight why this work is so important in our community.  We and we look forward to making an impact on November 5th.

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