Introducing Jordan

Jordan joined Parkwood in the spring of 2021. He originally grew up on a farm in Minot, North Dakota, where he gained plenty of construction experience keeping the farm running and building barns. His grandfather was a prominent Realtor in…

Why You’ll Love Parkwood

Our clients are our biggest supporters. We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service. Would you like to know what our clients are saying? Check out the testimonials below:


Your service helped us in our decision to not purchase the property at River Crossing. The inspector was very knowledgeable and thorough and pointed out problems we would have never seen.

Thank you!

Parkwood Property Inspections performed their inspections in a professional, expedited fashion in the two occasions I needed their services.  I would recommend them to anyone in the area they serve.

DERRICK – Property Inspection – Did a great job – he was thorough, courteous and professional.  Derrick was willing to explain situations and provided us with in depth explanations and was hands on with viewing potential and future problems.
Thank You.

Brantley did a fine and thorough job and I am pleased with the results. Thank you for your prompt service and great attention to detail.

Mike was very helpful and pleasant to work with. He seemed to be concerned when I had questions and I really appreciated that. I will refer anyone know who’s in need of inspection in the triad area.