The Parkwood Difference

Buying a home is such an exciting time, but it can also be a chaotic one. There are so many moving parts from agents, to lenders, appraisals, and inspections. Things can become overwhelming rather quickly. With Parkwood Property Inspections, our goal is to not only provide excellent service but also make the home inspection aspect of the transaction as smooth as possible. There are many home inspection companies out there, and you may wonder what’s the difference between our company and the other places? I’m glad you asked! I would love to tell you a little about the Parkwood difference.

What makes a great inspection company is having the right team. At Parkwood, the inspectors are knowledgeable, very helpful, and always vigilant about furnishing the most thorough reports possible. The inspectors are always there to answer any questions agents or buyers/sellers may have about the contents of a report. 

Another advantage Parkwood offers is the option to pay for your inspection at the time of closing. This can be beneficial if you would like a little extra time before having to make a payment. In the case that you would like to go ahead and pay for your inspection, we provide a link at the bottom of your invoice that will allow you to quickly and conveniently pay online.

During certain times of the year, especially in the summer, inspection companies can become booked over a week out. This can be an issue if you have a short due diligence period or would just like the inspection completed immediately. At Parkwood, we will always find a way to fit you into the schedule. We are a multi-inspector firm so we are able to offer more availability than most companies. We understand the importance of having all inspections completed as soon as possible.

Speaking of all inspections, did you know that Parkwood simplifies the process of setting up the various inspections you would like to have done? Whether you need septic, pest, water, HVAC, or even a chimney inspection, we can help with that. We provide a single invoice that lists all charges making it easier to keep track of everything. If you would like, we can even send this invoice directly to the closing attorney if you plan on paying at closing, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Finally, we have multiple ways for you to schedule with us. You can schedule appointments online at We are available via phone or text at (336) 804-4456 or (984) 212-6993. We also take requests through email at either or  We offer inspections in not only the Triad area but in the Triangle as well! 

These are just a few of the ways that Parkwood Property Inspections stands out from the rest. If you’re ready to see the Parkwood difference, we are only a call, click, or text away. We look forward to working with you!

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