Maintenance Inspection

We do most of our inspections before homes are purchased or sold. But as the seasons begin to change, have you considered how important it may be to schedule a maintenance inspection?  Think about it: When was the last time you were in your crawl space? Is your water heater down there? What about your furnace?  Have you climbed up on the roof to investigate your roof covering for signs of wear?  Have you been in the attic to check for leaks?  Do you have annual services contracts with providers to check your major systems? If not, chances are you are running the risk for a shortened lifespan on your equipment. Have you changed your air filters, or checked your smoke detectors?  Do you have a septic system, and when was it last inspected or pumped? 

It is no secret that our homes age better when we give them proper attention. Fall is a great time to give your house a checkup home inspection.  A maintenance inspection is very similar to a standard home inspection. We check out your home from the roof to the foundation and everywhere in between. We also find safety hazards and grading/ drainage issues. Don’t wait until something pops up, we can help you be an expert in taking care of your home.  We serve all of the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Check out the map below.  If you live with the radius of this green box, we can help you!map

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