Thanks, Derrick was very patient and informative with us at the residence after the inspection. The report is clear and easy to understand and will be helpful to us. Thanks again!

Mike did an excellent job! He was really thorough with the inspection and saved me a lot of money by finding leaking pipes, which led to me getting $5000 from the seller to replace all of the plumbing in the house! Along with the cooling system emitting carbon monoxide, which was fixed immediately. Without the inspection report, I wouldn’t have known about these things. Thanks Mike and Parkwood properties! 

I am very pleased with services from Parkwood and will certainly recommend you to others when/if the opportunity arises. Thank you for your wonderful service. 

Hello and thank you for inspecting our future home!
Mike was awesome and very knowledgeable about our old house we are purchasing.   He walked us through the house room by room including the attic.  We felt competent that we knew what needed to be repaired and what was priority.  I would definitely use him again  and especially if and when we may sell in the future.  I would highly recommend him to others that are considering purchasing an older home.  

I wanted to thank your company for the wonderful service you gave my husband and I on the inspection of our new home. You were fast and complete with the details.

I thought the inspection was very thorough and I would recommend your company to all!

Derrick was great.  He was very thorough and explained everything to me in details.  Working with Parkwood was simple, efficient, and stress free. I would recommend your team to anyone who asked for these type services.

Our realtor recommended Parkwood Inspections. I have purchased four homes in the course of my life. In my experience and comparison to previous transactions, Parkwood Inspections service was great. They were punctual, the report was easy to read and understand, and to my knowledge it seemed to be a thorough inspection.

I appreciate their contribution to our home buying experience!

We will recommend Derrick and Parkwood. Good job!

Mike did two inspections for the house I attempted to buy, and he did a great job each time!  I firmly believe he saved me from a bad deal and was even willing to talk to me on the phone and expand his 2nd inspection report, potentially helping me get my money back.  I appreciate his time and efforts very much!